mr Draženko Lukač

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NAME: Draženko

Date of birth : 19. 06. 1968

Place of birth: Sarajevo



  • Mathematical High School, Sarajevo
  • Universitity of  Sarajevo, Faculty of Economics (1986-1991), Graduate work: “Bookkeeping determining revenue, cost of revenue  and net income”
  • (Post)Graduate Studies of Financial – accounting analyses at the  University of Belgrade, Faculty of  Economics (2003-2005). M.S thesis „Financial-Accounting Aspects of Takeovers Process“, defended the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics . In no time I will worked my doctoral thesis “Accounting Aspects Fundamental Analysis of Securities“
  • Publications: “Earnings per share and P/E racio’, ‘EVA (Economic value added): measure of shareholder wealth, ‘Valuation of company : method of relative valuation, “Valuation of Banks – specific problems“, „Valuation Brand“, Cash-flow vs. Accounting profit measures the value“ , The Balanced Scorecard, Accounting Bonds
  • Knowledge of international accounting standards and international audit standards (exams passed and publications issued during postgraduate studies, monitoring of standards updates, monitoring of authorities competent for their poublications), computer skills, English language.
  • Creator of software for controlling and business finance (valuation, etc)

Working experience:

  • Statistical office of the B&H (1991-1992)
  • Private sector, STR (1996-2000)
  • Company for accounting, financial and tax consulting  „Konto plus“   (2000- 2010)
  • Engaged as a valuation expert- within the team – financial analyst : Beoconex and Conseco company (2000 -2008)
  • Engaged as expert for fundamental analysis securities for Zif Invest Nova fond and Jahorina Insurance (2005-2008).
  • Creation of investment programms for gaining long term credit from the Development Fund of the Republic of Serbia and AP Vojvodina, as well as from Comercial Bank credit.
  • Consultant and Lecturer within the Center for HR development and consalting Seminar management: European Business Competence License for modules: accounting, financial reporting and analyses, business plan and investment projects evaluation and trainer at seminar in business finance.

( 2008-).

  • Contributor Center for scientific research and economic analysis, Serbian Chamber Of Commerce (2010-)
  • Consultant and Lecturer within the Economic Advisor to Belgrade (2011-)

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