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First-ever official data on illicit financial flows now available

08 June 2023 UNCTAD and its partners continue to work with several developing countries to produce official data on selected types of illicit financial flows. Shutterstock/RomanR | Banknotes of various currencies around the world. Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Colombia, Ecuador, Maldives, Mexico, Myanmar, Nepal and Peru have produced the first-ever national estimates of illicit financial flows (IFFs) related to drug trafficking, trafficking in persons and smuggling …

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Angola: Empowering women through honey

14 March 2023 An UNCTAD project is harnessing the power of bees to help women improve their livelihoods while creating sustainable opportunities in rural communities in the southern African nation. https://unctad.org/news/angola-empowering-women-through-honey Mavilde de Assunção Alves has been a beekeeper for almost 15 years. Every week she sets up a table to sell honey on the main road or at the …

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