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Jilin forest area records increasing number of Siberian tigers, leopards | Updated: March 5, 2024

Serbian tigers pictured in the Tongqiaoling forest area. [Photo provided to]

In recent years, he Tianqiaoling forest area in Jilin province has placed high importance on the protection and construction of the forest’s ecological environment. As a result, the ecological quality of the forest area has significantly improved, leading to a continuous increase in the population of wild animals.

According to monitoring data, there are at least seven wild Serbian tigers and at least three wild Amur leopards roaming in the forest area. During the spring and autumn seasons, a large number of migratory birds visit the area, and rare bird species, such as oriental white storks and Mandarin ducks, are frequently spotted.

An Amur leopard. [Photo provided to]

Tianqiaoling has been continuously promoting the integrated protection and restoration of its mountains, waters, forests, and wetlands. It has also strictly implemented a management system that combines „forest chiefs“ and „police chiefs“ to effectively increase the cultivation and protection of forest resources. Regular ecological patrols have been carried out to further strengthen the ecological patrol network, thereby enhancing patrol efficiency.

Smart monitoring provides a scientific protection network for biodiversity conservation. In recent years, Tianqiaoling has actively collaborated with research institutes such as Northeast Forestry University and Beijing Forestry University to expand the application of new technologies, methods, and equipment, enabling the timely monitoring of changes in the activities of wild animals.

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