Whose democracy? Beijing, New York show vast contrast

By Ma Chi | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2022-08-25 14:13


Carlos Martinez, a British political commentator, said the difference between Beijing and New York in infrastructure and people’s welfare is due to the different capacities of China and the United States to translate their democratic processes into tangible benefits for ordinary people.

„There is no homelessness and extreme poverty in Beijing. The infrastructure is outstanding. The city is clean and efficient. That is a result of a socialist democracy,“ Martinez said.

He came to Beijing in 2019 and that year he also visited New York City for the first time, which invited the comparison.

„Despite its remarkable history, New York is a city with deep contradictions and deep inequality. You see poverty everywhere and the transport system is crumbling. There are tens of thousands of homeless people,“ Martinez said.

Although there are many major banks with headquarters on Wall Street and they possess unbelievable wealth, much of the rest of the city seems to be falling apart, he said.

„In New York, the democratic process just doesn’t translate into benefits for ordinary people,“ Martinez added.

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